What’s in my bag- ECO EDITION- Zero waste essentials

I am that person who needs to be prepared for any event; trousers split? Don't worry, I have a safety pin and a sewing set. Suddenly come down with a stinking cold? No problem, I have the whole of Holland & Barrett's flu care section stuffed into a side pocket. Consequently, my handbags look like … Continue reading What’s in my bag- ECO EDITION- Zero waste essentials


Decluttering without sending to landfill

Although I admire those who have adopted a minimalist lifestyle, I have definitely not reached that level of self control just yet. However, I have been decluttering recently as my parents are moving out of our family home of over ten years. Through sorting through my room, I have uncovered things I have hoarded since … Continue reading Decluttering without sending to landfill

An Introduction

Hello! Welcome to Lizzie Bombini. I am a twenty something tree lover based in the UK (specifically London, much to my lungs dismay) and the destruction of the environment has been a niggle in my mind for as long as I can remember. However, although the plight of our planet has always felt pressing to … Continue reading An Introduction