An Introduction


Hello! Welcome to Lizzie Bombini. I am a twenty something tree lover based in the UK (specifically London, much to my lungs dismay) and the destruction of the environment has been a niggle in my mind for as long as I can remember. However, although the plight of our planet has always felt pressing to me (as many of my friends and family can attest to), I can freely admit I am as lazy as they come, and for most of my childhood- teen years- early 20โ€™s I did slightly above the bare minimum in terms of effort (recycling, using bags for life, buying organic/ locally sourced as and when it was convenient) but there is no denying that I was (and in fact still am) a massive consumer.

In the past few years, I have really been trying (slowly but surely) to phase out my horrible habits which I know are really part of the bigger problem (however much I have lived in denial for a large portion of my life), one by one, and although this is still a work in progress I am hopeful. My biggest struggle is FASHION. As a lover of all things colourful, sparkly, cute and gaudy, the phasing out of fast fashion pieces (which is such a saturated market that I have anything I can possibly imagine or dream of at my fingertips) and switching to either charity shop finds or Eco conscious brands has been, and continues to be difficult. I hope some of my finds help you to explore new avenues you may have otherwise dismissed, particularly in the area of Eco fashion which does generally have a stigma of being boring/ frumpy/ mumsy/ ugly. Although I have to admit this is true some of the time, there are still beautiful items you can find which donโ€™t cost the earth.

I will never claim to be perfect, or of a higher authority on any topic, as I have no credentials to back me up on this, but I do hope my ramblings may give you ideas on things we can all do together to make small changes to our everyday lives, and even adopting some of them is better than none.

I really hope you enjoy.




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