Zero Waste Week- daily swap reviews


               As part of Zero waste week (commencing tomorrow), I will be blogging every day about 1 easy zero waste swap we can all do in our every day life, and reviewing how swapping to that alternative has been for me! As someone who has always been conscious of human interference with the planet, I know it is a lot easier for me to jump on board with this than someone who may be quite content with how they go about their daily life already, and not feel there is a need to change. There are of course varying levels of preventing zero waste in your life, and it’s really not about an all or nothing strategy. Even doing one swap is already a massive help, and once you’ve done one you will start to see it’s really not so bad and hopefully continue on your journey to another swap or three. Ultimately, the person who benefits from these changes is you, and it is preserving a future for the next generation; if you are someone who wants children or has children, what kind of world are they on track to inherit right now with the state of our planet? It all starts with one; one person, one action, one change, one effect. One is the first and most powerful number. Lets all take one action and make it a movement to change for the better.


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