Zero Waste Swaps Review Part 2- Reusable Cotton Pads vs Traditional makeup wipes/ disposable Cotton Pads


I have always been a cotton pad and makeup remover girl; after reading the controversy about face wipes and the damage they do to our skin 5 or 6 years ago, I have not put one on my face since. Not to mention the environmental catastrophe they create, particularly when flushed down toilets; wet wipes are the fastest growing pollutant on beaches, as well as causing disastrous blockages in our sewers leading to sewage eruptions into UK streets. I switched to organic cotton pads a couple of years ago, in an attempt to reduce the damage I caused via my own vanity, but I had never even considered or heard of reusable cotton pads/ makeup wipes until recently. Once I did, I was amazed. What a great idea! And it is also a money saver! Reducing your waste isn’t always about carrying utensils around with you, there are many ways you can make really easy changes in the home with minimal effort.

             My organic cotton pads cost around £3.50 for a pack of 100, which I always justified because I wasn’t putting pesticides on my eyes (apologies for that very odd sounding statement). The non organic version in Boots is £1.99 (£1.50 less than the organic ones), or a pack of 25 Neutrogena facial wipes are £3.00 (I never realised face wipes are so expensive!) My pack of 10 organic cotton makeup pads, created from offcuts of organic cotton from creating reusable sanitary towels, was £3.00 and will last me however long I can look after them. Potentially a decade- So I’ve basically saved myself hundreds of pounds, saved the planet from the plastic wrappers from the cotton pads, and also the wastage created from a single use product being used daily. This is another one which only requires minimal effort- all you need to do is put them in the wash once dirty with your normal laundry, preferably in a little wash bag so they don’t get lost in the drum. They come out clean, my ones you can wash at 60 but I only ever wash at 30. Healthier for your body, healthier on your wallet, healthier on the environment. Are you sensing a theme here?—pack-of-10-1295-p.asp


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