The leaves are changing… Thank goodness


In recent years, the changing of seasons has made me nervous. What was once a linear Spring- Summer- Autumn- Winter transition pattern, is now a zig zag of all four randomly appearing at various points in the year. Although Donald Trump flat out denies that climate change is even a reality, the ever increasing incidences of natural disasters, droughts and forest fires is suggestive that something terrible is up.

The weather here in the UK has noticeably changed in my lifetime alone, switching from a constant rain and minimal sun, to heatwaves hotter than the temperature in Barbados. Although it seems everyone here is ecstatic to finally have some sunshine (which admittedly I also do enjoy), it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be uneasy. We are not alone in these changes; a friend originally from Madrid expressed her confusion at experiencing torrential monsoon rains there in the middle of Summer, and on a trip to Scotland last year (which is supposed to be even darker and colder than England) I was met with almost Mediterranean sunshine.


It seems one of the biggest talents of the human race is the ability to accelerate ourselves further and further into apocalypse whilst point blank ignoring the root of the problem. Whilst it is admirable of those trying to find alternative ways in which we can exist in this galaxy (be it on another planet), why have we given up on Earth? There is nothing more beautiful on this planet than what nature creates itself, and we have chewed it up and spat it back out and want to run away when things have gone bad. The solutions already exist, but there are two things preventing them from being mainstream; those who possess the power at the top who want to prevent them from happening as they are not good for profit, and everyone else who, for whatever reason, remain with heads buried in the sand continuing to live as if we have many more planets to destroy, not just the one. Although it may seem otherwise, the more powerful of the two categories is the latter. There are many many more individuals in this bracket that the first, and the first relies on the second to feed money back into their own circles. We are the ones who can make the biggest impact in our masses, and even one small change done by thousands can force change higher up- a prime example of this being the microbead campaign in cosmetics, which ended up with a ban on these in the UK this year.

So now, when I see the leaves turn, instead of feeling uneasy I feel inspired. Nature is still holding on to this earth, and I will hold on with it every day, by changing the impact I have on it and hopefully encouraging others to do so.



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