Thoughts on the UK animal sentience law controversy

In the past few weeks there has been outrage from campaigners after the news that the EU law confirming animal sentience has not been voted to be passed through the UK Brexit agreement at this time. Campaigners claim this shows how low animal welfare is as a priority for the new UK political structure post-Brexit, … Continue reading Thoughts on the UK animal sentience law controversy


Sustainable Christmas Gift guide 2017

Although the most sustainable approach to Christmas is to just avoid it altogether, I know for myself and many others that although we are happy to not receive any gifts ourselves, we do still want to treat our loved ones. When the people around you celebrate Christmas it is hard to remove yourself from it … Continue reading Sustainable Christmas Gift guide 2017

Zero Waste Deodorant- recipe and review

I first heard about links between aluminium and breast cancer when I was around 13 years old; I have no idea where I heard this especially back in the early 2000’s but somehow this information trickled into my consciousness from somewhere. This resulted in me buying a salt rock deodorant; however through my early teenage … Continue reading Zero Waste Deodorant- recipe and review