Sustainable Christmas Gift guide 2017

Although the most sustainable approach to Christmas is to just avoid it altogether, I know for myself and many others that although we are happy to not receive any gifts ourselves, we do still want to treat our loved ones. When the people around you celebrate Christmas it is hard to remove yourself from it completely. My approach this year is to be sensible in my shopping for others and shop as green as possible, whilst ensuring the gifts I get are both useful and enjoyed by the recipient. Here is my round-up of some items I think would be green choices for a green Christmas! I will be doing a separate post on DIY gift ideas soon. Sorry it’s a long one. I hope you enjoy!

For someone who has some interest in sustainable living 

  1. A Safety Razor + blades (such an easy swap to convince people because it’s essentially no different to a normal razor except it saves you money!)
  2. A reusable water bottle

Miscellaneous nice things/sites

For a homeware lover/ someone with a new home–wash-cloth.html

For a beauty/ makeup lover

Brand ideas (makeup)

  • Zao Makeup
  • Green People
  • Couleur caramel
  • Kjaer weis cosmetics (not vegan)
  • RMS beauty

Brand ideas (skincare)

  • Evolve Organic (all packaging is recyclable and products come in glass jars)
  • Neals Yard (have some glass jar products)
  • Pai skincare (organic and recyclable)
  • Antipodes (skincare comes in glass jars, recyclable packaging)

Stocking filler ideas

  • Lush products- can buy loose but beware of some weird chemicals in their products (check the label!)
  • Recyclable packaging, ethically sourced and fairly traded chocolate (Ideas: Seed & Bean, Ombar, loving earth)
  • Books from charity shops! Books seem to have less stigma around second hand, so have a little look and see if there’s anything that may tickle their fancy
  • A zero waste clementine (ha!)

For Minimalists around you whom you still want to treat but not buy physical things
-A gift experience for you to both enjoy… some ideas:


Heavily packaged “Christmas gift sets”- always a ton of plastic and always more product than is necessary!

Ps. Standard gift wrap is a no no, as majority of wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Watch out for my post on sustainable gift wrap, coming soon!



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