Thoughts on the UK animal sentience law controversy

In the past few weeks there has been outrage from campaigners after the news that the EU law confirming animal sentience has not been voted to be passed through the UK Brexit agreement at this time. Campaigners claim this shows how low animal welfare is as a priority for the new UK political structure post-Brexit, and concerns that what we have worked so hard for to get in the UK in regards to animal welfare will be dismissed once out of the EU. This has resulted in clamours from governmental figures to attempt to damage control the situation, and restore faith that animal welfare is, in fact, a priority, but they have not confirmed this law will definitely be maintained post-2019.

I cannot believe in this day and age that animal sentience is being debated. It’s like climate change- there’s literally one scientist (who has been bribed) pathetically waving one measly study on the opposing party and about 139028 others with study upon study piling up in the proving party, as well as actual evidence we can see in our day to day lives. Yet somehow our world leaders are championing that we live on a planet that isn’t slowly dying under the weight of our monstrous lifestyles and any creature other than humans on this planet are there to serve us, like robots, they have no feelings so don’t worry about how you treat them. My question is this. Are they blind? I mean, they probably are (blinded by the phenomena known as dolla dolla bills $$££), but anyone who has ever been in any kind of proximity to an animal can say they feel pain. Actually, you don’t even need to be in proximity to them.

I have seen videos of elephants grieving for their children, and mourning their dead by scattering flowers for them.

Cows crying before entering the slaughterhouse, or after their calves have been taken from them.

A monkey who did everything he could to resurrect his dying friend who had suffered an electric shock.

Male Dolphins, on the documentary “The Cove”, leading a distraction party for the hunters in Taiji cove, attempting to divert attention from the females and the calves in their pack

Last week, a whale on the Attenborough series Blue planet refused to let her dead calf go and swam the ocean so sadly you could feel the pain through the screen.

My dog would squeal when you stepped on his paw, look extremely sorry for himself when he was stung by a bee, and eventually cry in pain and confusion towards the end of his life when he had an accident in doors.

Dear UK government. Please spare me the bullshit of this great intellectual debate about animal sentience. Animal sentience has always been real, we are just either too stupid, ignorant or self-important to accept it, and also possibly can’t bear to face it because of the way we have treated those whom we share our home with. Just because you don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. I am 99% sure Theresa May is eagerly waiting to get her fox hunting boots back on, and is desperately thinking how she can sneakily bring it back. It’s quite telling when someone enjoys killing something for sport. And this is the head of this country ladies and gentlemen. At this stage, I think I would rather be an animal, at least they can have some pride in their actions and morality. As for humans, I think we are doomed.


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