Sustainable Toilet Paper: First Impressions

So the early part of this week, I was constantly refreshing my phone waiting for the Hermes update on  my delivery. Was it the latest designer handbag? Nope. A brand new cutting edge gadget? Ohh no. It was… TOILET PAPER! I can’t really remember when I became someone skipping to the door to answer a delivery for a 48 box of loo roll, but i am proud to say I am now a thrilled owner of a very large cardboard box filled with the delights from Who gives a crap.


I’ve been researching toilet roll for a while; whilst of course it’s better to go fully without, bidet style, I also think it’s okay to stay within your comfort zones as long as you make measured decisions within that zone. There are also many alternatives such as bamboo or recycled paper wrapped within plastic, but Who gives a crap caught my eye because of their great social impact as well as the beautifully wrapped rolls. They donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those living without- which I think is an amazing and worthy cause to spend the money on; which of course you are doing as these are slightly more expensive than the average sustainable rolls. I got 48 rolls for £36, working out at 75p per roll. Definitely a pricier option but it you consider that 37.5p of that is essentially being donated to charity, I think it’s fair.


Beautifully wrapped (I am already dreaming about the handmade greetings cards I can make with these), you may question how this is better than plastic wrapped toilet roll. Due to hygiene restrictions, toilet paper has to be wrapped in something, and paper is recyclable whereas plastic is not and will sit in landfill for thousands of years.

I can attest that although the recycled paper version is not exactly as soft as the luxurious ones on the market, it is not at all sandpapery, and I feel happy knowing I have a guilt free experience.

And if anyone thinks otherwise… Who gives a crap!




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