Guppyfriend Stop Microwaste laundry bag: A Review

A couple of months ago, I was delighted to discover this Guppyfriend Micro waste prevention laundry bag. Although rather pricey, after discovering that plastic fibres were released from inside the washing machine via the washing plastic based fabrics, I was determined to stop my contribution to this going forwards. After a couple of months of … Continue reading Guppyfriend Stop Microwaste laundry bag: A Review


Natural & Plastic Free Laundry Routine

Chemical detergents (both laundry and cleaning products) end up leaking into our water systems, damaging marine environments and water sources around the world. An extremely easy way to prevent this is to switch to eco-friendly and biodegradable products for the home. I have just uploaded a new video detailing my routine on my youtube channel … Continue reading Natural & Plastic Free Laundry Routine

Sustainable Brand Profile: BATOKO

I of course always advocate buying second hand and vintage clothing first and foremost, but I also think it's important to support the brands who are making changes within the fashion industry to create a more sustainable production line. In light of this, this is my first post within a series introducing sustainable brands I … Continue reading Sustainable Brand Profile: BATOKO