Sustainable Brand Profile: BATOKO

I of course always advocate buying second hand and vintage clothing first and foremost, but I also think it’s important to support the brands who are making changes within the fashion industry to create a more sustainable production line. In light of this, this is my first post within a series introducing sustainable brands I encounter along my way, and my thoughts on them and their products.

First off, Batoko swimwear. This is a brand that has been on my radar for a few years now, and initially they were just a normal swimwear brand with extremely cute prints that were right up my street. After lusting over this banana print lilac swimming costume since around 2 years ago, but knowing I shouldn’t buy any new fast fashion swimwear, I resisted the urge and pushed the thought to the back of my mind. However, after a recent peruse, I discovered much to my delight that they have made the switch to becoming a sustainable brand, recycling post consumer and industrial plastic waste to create their very cute products.

They have small collections which aren’t refreshed very often, to minimise waste, and are transparent about their factory and it’s impact on the environment (read the full details on their sustainable profile here). The swimming costumes themselves are high quality, a really thick material so it isn’t see through in the slightest, and holds all your bits (not that I have any bits with my ironing board body!) in place so you can feel confident on the beach. Maybe it was a frivolous purchase, but I don’t actually own a full swimming costume (only bikinis) and this is going to double up as a vest top by wearing trousers on top like a leotard, as well as my swimsuit on my holidays. Bright and fun prints like this are something I adore, but are hard to come by in the sustainable fashion world, so I’m absolutely in love with this brand. Another plus point; it arrived in a fully recyclable bag (although a paper envelope would’ve been preferable!), and with no protective plastic packet for the actual swimsuit (my pet peeve! Why does every single clothing item need to be wrapped in its own bag??) The only critique I have is they would benefit so much with offering a plain version, just to appeal to a wider audience.

I’m bananas for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for reading x


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