Natural & Plastic Free Laundry Routine

Chemical detergents (both laundry and cleaning products) end up leaking into our water systems, damaging marine environments and water sources around the world. An extremely easy way to prevent this is to switch to eco-friendly and biodegradable products for the home. I have just uploaded a new video detailing my routine on my youtube channel today, please give it a watch here!


I am currently finishing up this huge bag of soap nuts from Living Naturally. There are two ways of using soap nuts- either straight into the drum, or making a liquid from the nuts. When putting straight into the drum, it is advised that you wash at a higher temperature to activate the soap nuts, so it is arguable that making bulk batches of the liquid saves on energy. I personally create a liquid in very large batches, as per recipe below:

15 individual nuts
around 7 litres of water

Keep boiling the 15 Soap nuts in fresh batches of water in your biggest saucepan, I usually go with 1.5 litres at a time and can do this around 4 times before the nuts start to deplete. Leave to cool, and add essential oils once cool, my favourite is lavender. I store mine in large repurposed containers; plastic bottles for the most part.

The boiled soap nuts can also be blended with some water to create a floor cleaner, or all purpose cleaner for surfaces etc. They are compostable, so can be put in the compost bin once done.

Swapping over to an eco-friendly laundry routine is such an easy change to make, and our oceans will thank you for it!ย 


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