Guppyfriend Stop Microwaste laundry bag: A Review

A couple of months ago, I was delighted to discover this Guppyfriend Micro waste prevention laundry bag. Although rather pricey, after discovering that plastic fibres were released from inside the washing machine via the washing plastic based fabrics, I was determined to stop my contribution to this going forwards. After a couple of months of using it, here is my review.


For me, it has definitely been worth it. The results are rather underwhelming (I was expecting to find clumps of fibres at the bottom of the bag after each wash) hence why there are no images here of the fibres as essentially they are hard to see by eye let alone pick up in a photo. However, they are called micro plastics for a reason, essentially being micro in size but not in the damage they cause to our oceans- ingested by fish and entering our food chain, whilst also upsetting the eco systems our marine life call home, micro plastics leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and the worst part of it is they are so tiny that it is virtually impossible to filter them out of the ocean at this point. So, prevention is better than cure for this disastrous problem.

I have been able to remove the fibres after a wash and dispose of them correctly in the bin (I know there are schemes existing in certain parts of Europe where you can return the fibres for safe disposal, but for the UK this does not exist). It has now safely become part of my laundry routine; separate the polyesters and acrylics into this bag, and cottons allowed to roam loose in the drum.

Sure, the physical evidence doesn’t feel like much when I am removing it, but I feel this is a happy investment to know that I am not contributing to the ocean’s micro plastic problem from the simple act of washing my clothes. The bag should last me many years to come, and will ensure a guilt- free wash (well, almost. Lets not talk about the energy used by the machine etc etc, but lets discuss that another time…).


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