Vegan Food Guide to Vienna, Austria


Last weekend I took a little mini break to Vienna, Austria. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest, but it massively overshot my expectations. Such a beautiful city, with breathtakingly towering and regal buildings in such huge numbers, unlike anywhere else I have been before. Sadly we were only there for three days, but we managed to explore a few Vegan food places in the processes. Here’s my lowdown…

Swing Kitchen, 6 branches in ViennaP3242109.JPG

When we arrived at our hotel, it was around 2pm and we were pretty hungry. When you have limited food options, you don’t really have the luxury of heading out without a plan, so prior to starting our first day we had a quick look on Happy cow, and were shocked to find a dedicated vegan fast food chain 3 minutes walk from our hotel. “Ready to Swing?” is their motto, and yes we were definitely ready to swing on multiple occasions (whether it be for a meal, a snack, a sweet treat or a hot drink!). They were also our saviour on the Sunday when most things were closed, except Swing kitchen of course!



I loved their ethos on packaging, using biodegradable or compostable materials only (and the paper packaging they used was actually paper, not the plastic lined paper which I hate!)


It is of course greasy food, and not at all healthy, but definitely a nice treat for a holiday meal. The Schnitzel burger was the best burger we tried, but the Chilli burger was actually surprisingly spicy which was a nice surprise so a recommend for any chilli lovers.

Definitely worth a visit if in Vienna, and the locals evidently think so too as it was always rammed when we went in!

Formosa Vegetarisches Food
Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria


I always get junk food fatigue, where I start craving more whole food meals after I’ve had one too many processed meals. After our swing kitchen bingeathon, I was in dire need of some plain food, and we found this very sweet, family run restaurant pretty close to our hotel on the first night. The food is Chinese style with a lot of mock meat on the menu, but I went with the one dish sans mock meat to try and get as plain a meal as possible.


I reminded me of my mum’s home cooking, and felt comforting to be somewhere family run and independent. The food won’t blow your socks off, but it’s worth a visit just for some variety for the pretty burger heavy vegan scene in the city.


Tian Bistro
Schrankgasse 4, A-1070, ViennaP3252159.JPG

Although technically a vegetarian restaurant, there were a couple of vegan options at the Tian bistro, and it managed to fulfil my quota of “no more mock meat, pleeassee!” and offered a particularly delicious dish which was this Tian tartar. The flavours were something I had never tasted before in a vegan dish, and I would love to eat it again!P3252162.JPG

My main was a slightly less impressive dhal and roast vegetable combo, which was nice and hearty but not blow your socks off. Nevertheless, I would recommend the visit purely for the tartar starter.P3252168.JPG

Maran Vegan supermarket and cafe
Stumpergasse 57, 1060 Vienna, Austria

P3262170.JPGNot exactly a restaurant, but a lovely vegan supermarket with an attached cafe, and I love going to any kind of wholefood/ vegan/ organic store! I was very happy to see some bulk bins here, and there was a huge array of pastries and cakes which all looked delicious, including a lovely patisserie selection, some of which I believe were traditional viennese cakes.P3262172.JPG

P3262173.JPGThere was a small selection of canteen style hot food, and we got the dhal. Pretty plain but cheap and cheerful, and definitely a good option if you are passing through the area for a pitstop. Stuffing yourself with the cakes is also another alternative, which was very tempting but I managed to escape with just two (one there and one for later!)P3262175.JPG

In conclusion, much like Vienna itself, there were some hidden surprises within the Vegan food options available in Vienna (particularly the fact there are 6 branches of Swing Kitchen, which is more than I’ve ever seen in Europe of a dedicated Vegan chain restaurant) and there were definitely many more places we didn’t have time to sample.

It’s so easy to feel hesitant about travelling when you are worrying about what you will eat, but it really is a growing trend and more and more places are popping up everywhere, and I’m so excited to try more across the world.

Thanks for reading! x



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