Earth Hour; a lovely sentiment but missing the mark

Today at 8.30pm is WWF's "Earth Hour", where they have urged us all to make a stand for the planet by turning off all our lights, therefore saving the energy that would otherwise have been used. Ariel (yes, the laundry company which is the antithesis to the term "eco-friendly") have pledged £1 for every person … Continue reading Earth Hour; a lovely sentiment but missing the mark


Sprouting; my new love

Sprouts are one of those foods which are proudly placed on health conscious menus as a trophy garnish to an already nutrient packed meal. I never really thought about how they came about, until I researched how to make them. Much to my utter surprise it is ridiculously easy but also immensely exciting to essentially … Continue reading Sprouting; my new love

2017; my year of a thousand tears

Finally, 2017 has come to an end. A year in which I have struggled, a culmination of a dozen endings with no new beginnings, just an expanse of limbo and sadness whilst trying to work out what is the meaning of my life and my next steps forward. Being alone a lot of the year has meant … Continue reading 2017; my year of a thousand tears

Merry Consumermas!

I know I sound like a massive scrooge, and believe me I’ve tried so hard to get into the spirit of things… but to be honest I don’t really get Christmas. Granted, I come from a mixed race household and I am not of a wholly Christian background however every element of Christmas is now … Continue reading Merry Consumermas!

Thoughts on the UK animal sentience law controversy

In the past few weeks there has been outrage from campaigners after the news that the EU law confirming animal sentience has not been voted to be passed through the UK Brexit agreement at this time. Campaigners claim this shows how low animal welfare is as a priority for the new UK political structure post-Brexit, … Continue reading Thoughts on the UK animal sentience law controversy

Sustainable Christmas Gift guide 2017

Although the most sustainable approach to Christmas is to just avoid it altogether, I know for myself and many others that although we are happy to not receive any gifts ourselves, we do still want to treat our loved ones. When the people around you celebrate Christmas it is hard to remove yourself from it … Continue reading Sustainable Christmas Gift guide 2017

An unconventional love letter

                     I remember being around 11 years old and pining for a dog. I watched Blue Peter religiously every day and their dogs Lucy, Mabel and Meg (a golden retriever and two border collies respectively) were literally what I wanted most in life. I was a … Continue reading An unconventional love letter