An unconventional love letter

                     I remember being around 11 years old and pining for a dog. I watched Blue Peter religiously every day and their dogs Lucy, Mabel and Meg (a golden retriever and two border collies respectively) were literally what I wanted most in life. I was a … Continue reading An unconventional love letter


Thoughts on the fashion industry

As September, the month of fashion weeks draws to a close, I am reflecting on my thoughts towards fashion. In my early twenties, this world of glitz and glamour excited me massively. Why is it that it is so immensely appealing to people, myself included? As the fifth most polluting industry in the world, equal … Continue reading Thoughts on the fashion industry

An Introduction

Hello! Welcome to Lizzie Bombini. I am a twenty something tree lover based in the UK (specifically London, much to my lungs dismay) and the destruction of the environment has been a niggle in my mind for as long as I can remember. However, although the plight of our planet has always felt pressing to … Continue reading An Introduction